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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I love to be inspired, and it can happen at any point, any place, sometime even in my dreams or day dreams. Usually the best source of inspiration comes from other people, a certain phrase or perspective that gives me an entirely new angle to explore.

I believe we are all essentially creative people, but the way we express our creativity takes on a multitude of forms. Problem solving for a mathematician or engineer requires a great deal of creative energy. Pitching a new product or sale to a client requires deep understanding and the ability to create just the right environment for a client to sign on the dotted line. Composing music, delivering babies, balancing a budget, teaching jr. high students...without creativity infused into our daily lives, these efforts fall flat and unremarkable on the surface of our day.

I loved to be inspired to the point of creativity or creation, when I get the sensation that I've finally got some momentum, I'm picking up speed, and gathering strength and clarity as I go. I've got a vision that I'm straining toward and the effort will all build to a great and complete werk. (It's also probably why I werk well under pressure and procrastinate, knowing that the deadline coming at me with increasing speed will likely inspire my actions and my thoughts to personal movement).

Here's a link to someone who inspired me today: 
I've got a wealth of ideas circulating around his new book and study series for a project at werk, and I can't wait to dig deeper as I learn more and get my hands on a copy! I hope that you'll watch the intro video and be inspired as well.

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