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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Let's be honest, I'm now in my third trimester and hormones are taking me for a ride these days. I'm truly thankful I'm in the comfort of my home office most of the times that they start raging, because I fear I am dangerously close to crossing that line of being 'that crazy pregnant woman' at werk. Instead, veiling my facial expressions and body language behind the security of a conference call has helped me maintain some of my dignity with my co-werkers...and spared them some of my irrational-hormone-induced-wrath!

Things like missed deadlines, important project tasks falling through the cracks, and other 'norms' in the world of marketing where my professional life exists...these days, they are throwing me for a loop! Normally I am the one who diplomatically addresses these missteps with a smile on her face. Or I'd like to think that's how I am at werk.  These days I feel my blood pressure spike and hear the words I'd like to use in my head before I speak or type them, and I apply a heavy 'preggo-filter' before pushing send or opening my mouth.

I'm not sure if this is very healthy, but I am really looking forward to maternity leave for a lot of reasons. Especially since I'll need to give my hormones a chance to even out after baby is born, and I'm pretty sure my co-werkers don't need to be victims of that as well.

For now, it's time to step away from the computer and telelphone and go eat a cookie, I think.

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