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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Like a bat out of Hell

I'm back! I made my exit from like a bat out of hell this morning. I'm not a bat, and is not hell, but the expression seemed to fit as I drove 80mph north back to Denver. It was a great few days of meetings, and coffee-lunch-dinner discussions with some quality people. I even had a king sized bed all to myself for three nights, which is something my 6-month pregnant self thoroughly enjoyed!

During one of the presentations today, a SR. VP told a story about a girl in Thailand whose nickname was pronounced 'Meow'. Immediately, the scene from SuperTroopers came to mind, and every time he used her name, Meow, in the story, I couldn't keep a straight face. To make matters worse, SuperTroopers isn't exactly a wholesome family movie, so I knew relatively few co.werkers had seen it or would understand why I was laughing. Thankfully, my dear friend was there and caught on with me, and we had a good laugh about it during the break.

I am tempted to send this clip to the Sr. VP...but I never actually will. So here you go, enjoy!

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