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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Go To Meeting

Once a quarter, my larger department of about 50 people gathers for a day long meeting, outside of, to reconnect and share with one another. I usually make the trek down to the Springs so that I can catch up with folks in person, but since I was just there all last week...the trek seemed a little unnecessary. Plus I had a few other meetings before and after the all-day itinerary that might need to get bumped if I was in transit. My boss graciously allowed me to join the other regional staff (there's about 12 of us) on the 'Go To Meeting' virtual connection for the day.

I've been attending the meeting via a web cam and chat connection, and it's honestly been going really well. I'm more impressed with the way this is being run than most of my conference calls and webinars that I normally join.

It's good to belong to a group that is made up of a bunch of us 'regional' folks, who know how to run a virtual meeting with as little pain and discomfort as possible.(The audio is muted during breaks, the presenters have relevant power point presentations and speak to the web cam when possible, and the chat moderators cue us in to 'hard to hear' parts of the meeting in the room).

Plus, while everyone is on their lunch break, I get to scoot into the kitchen and make up some homemade sugo (tomato sauce) and meatballs for dinner!


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  1. That looks delicious. I want to eat at your house!