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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pinch Me

I werk with some truly amazing people. I love when I get to connect with them in person and build relationships with them on both a personal and a professional level.

Today I have been in literal back to back meetings with some of the most incredible women leaders I have ever met. Talk about being inspired! These women are all clear thinkers, decisive, good listeners, and have worked hard to earn the respect of their predominantly male peers. They speak truth in love, know how to provide constructive criticism, and are excellent at not taking werk-related issues too seriously. Most importantly, even at high levels of the organization, they still get things done. They are active people who want to see forward progress, they aren't just sitting around waiting for someone else to take care of things for them.

I resonate with these characteristics on so many levels, and work hard to develop them within myself. But it's always refreshing to be around others who have raised the bar and care passionately for their werk. This is one of those days when I pinch myself because I can't believe I have the opportunity to have a seat at the table with some of these people. *Pinch* Yep, still here!
This poster hung in my room throughout Jr. High and High School. I still love Rosie!

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