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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Rewind to the year 2004, and you will find me glued to my most uncomfortable wooden-rocking-study chair, feet propped up on the dorm room desk, staring into an email from this thing call Facebook. Click.
Why in the world does this site want to know if I'm 'single/looking for a relationship' and who are all of these people poking me? What IS a poke? Sounds dirty.

As soon as Facebook was opened up to Bethel's campus, it didn't take long for it to become the procrastination tool of choice. It QUICKLY replaced the coveted, cherished, pen-and-ink 'Roster' on Bethel's campus. The Roster used to be the only way you could find out who that adorable guy was in your Ethics class, or in the library, or the one you saw walking away from you in the buildings. Yeah, that guy!

When I first joined facebook, it was a place for me to connect with friends at my school, and friends in colleges across the country. A great way to keep in touch with my high school friends in the northeast who didn't dare venture across the Ohio/Pennsyvania state line for higher education...unless of course they were headed for California. I'll be honest, I had Minnesota and Wisconsin quite confused when looking at a map for at least the duration of my freshman year. Oops.

Now I find Facebook is a part of my daily life, it's still one of the primary ways to keep in touch with friends from college and high school, since we are literally scattered across the globe. But ever since Facebook opened up to people without a '.edu' email address, I have developed a slight paranoia and a fairly definitive approach to who I am friends with in this social netwerking mecca.

I just read a super interesting article about social media in the werkplace, and the importance of making a decision about combining your personal and professional lives on Facebook...or not. I do go through and regularly de-friend people, especially if you: a) post skanky or trashy stuff that I simply don't need in my life, especially if we haven't seen each other in years. b) all you do is play farmville and fill up my feed with your gaming addiction. c) I never knew you well enough to have you hang around my social media space indefinitely.

Is that harsh? You might also think I have equally harsh criterion for accepting friend requests (if you are able to find my profile in the first place). Unless I am genuinely friends with you outside of werk, I will not consider becoming your Facebook friend until we are no longer co.werkers. I don't want to be bombarded with any snarky werk related status updates or know a little too much about what you look like in a bathing suit when after all, our relationship is strictly professional.

Another excellent reason to steer clear of co.werker's on Facebook is: SPAM. My former boss had her account hacked into while on Facebook at werk (faux paux #1), and she inadvertantly distributed porn to all 300 of her closest co.werkers. Including the CEO. Of a christian organization. Oops. Not so professional now, are we?

For me, social netwerk sites like facebook are strictly personal. If you want to connect with me in a professional way, I have also been on LinkedIn for quite a while now, or better yet, shoot me an email. Isn't it ironic... how some 'social netwerking' sites seem to bring out the more lazy, impersonal, and voyeuristic side of us? Dontcha think?
Funny Cry For Help Ecard: I'm hoping for a Facebook application that helps me relearn conversation skills.

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