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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

the office stalker

Miss Lexi, wanting desperately to join me in my office, has not got up the nerve since the day I got my Herman Miller swivel chair. This is as close as she'll come to joining me, for fear of the movable-spider-legged-giant that has invaded her happy place under the desk. Everything Lexi does in life is motivated by her love of in this picture, her peeking around the corner is actually a moment of bravery. But until she joins me in my office, on the rug under the desk that is rightfully hers to claim, she will be 'the office stalker'.

Sorry Lex, that's what you get for being a weanie.

Now come and lay on my feet, it's cold in here!

That's more like it!


  1. Lexi is so funny! Glad she got up the nerve and come into your office and lay on your feet!

  2. she's currently laying in the hallway outside the office, moaning at me...