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Monday, March 14, 2011


Just a little bit...

I am concluding 4 glorious days of family time with my sister and nephew. I just got back from taking them to the airport, where I definitely started crying when Ethan asked if I was coming on the train to the terminal, too. No, buddy, this is where our Denver adventure ends...for now!

While Jake and I have kept busy with rearing our 2.5 year old puppy, nothing quite compares to the feat of rearing an almost three year old boy! As the homewerker, I have so much respect for all of you incredible moms/dads who labor in love every day to see your kids develop and grow into interesting little people. The werk you do from home is life altering and world changing!
After wading through 18 children's books, two kiddo DVD's, a mountain of really good questions that start with 'why??', and a handful of much-needed-nap-melt-downs, I can only begin to wonder where all the good parents in the world get their stamina and energy. Ethan is a creative, sensitive, musical, and active little guy, and I am just incredibly blessed that my sister would travel 1,000 miles with him to spend some quality time with Auntie Beans and Uncle Jake (and Lexi, too!).

Realization of the weekend: There's a very good chance that if/when God blesses us with kids, Lexi will need to go through classes about 'bringing a new baby into the home'. Then again, I'm sure I will too!

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