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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm a Mac

Since January 17th, I have been patiently waiting for my new computer to arrive. Then, we learned that Apple was  coming out with their next generation of Macbooks, so we decided to wait until they were released at the end of February to place the order. Ok, a few more weeks on a crappy Dell 'loaner' laptop...fine. It is now March 31st...and my co.werkers, it was WORTH THE WAIT! (Even though that makes me sound like a spokesperson for a Sexual Abstinence organization...).

My 15" MacBook Pro and all of it's lovely accessories are finally in my possession, and while I have a decent learning curve ahead of me using things like my Time Capsule and Magic Mouse...not to mention learning how to become a part of the Mac Tribe, I'm not *too* intimidated.

I feel more like a kid at Christmas who just opened the present from Santa that she wanted so badly, never thought she'd get, and will probably need some help putting it together. (Kind of like the pair of stilts I got one year for Christmas. Who in the world asks for stilts, and who in the world actually walks on them around the neighborhood? Oh, that would be the.home.werker in 5th grade. Probably still had my poodle perm too. Yuck.)

The screen on this laptop is so shiny I can actually see myself in it. Maybe that's just a continuation of Apple's genius branding, trying to make me believe I really AM a MAC.


  1. I really miss your growing up stories....

  2. Aw, your poodle perm was cute! :)