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Monday, March 7, 2011

My Ears Are Burning

Well, the pace of my new job has finally picked up and I am very energized and excited about that! However, my new telephony devices (telephony is a fun word, go ahead, say it out loud), have definitely taken a beating today.

I had 5 and half hours of back to back phone meetings, and I opted for the trusty old land line, not wanting to wear down my iphone's battery needlessly. At first, I just used the handset on speakerphone/mute, but after the first two hours I thought to myself "Isn't this why you bought a phone system with a wireless headset??".

So I hooked up the headset which has a huge 'on/off' button, as well as a very accessible mute button. However, none of these things matter if your co.werkers cannot understand a word you are saying. Comments like "it sounds like you're talking into a drinking straw" or "are you talking through a paper bag?" are the most notable reasons why, after today, I will rarely use the wireless headset. Not to mention my lovely 2-3 minute explanation of a marketing campaign strategy to a room full of 10 people that not one person could understand...until I hung up, dialed back in, and repeated my rant a second time.

While it wasn't quite as embarassing as having Lexi growling into the call, I hung up wondering if people could hear the embarassment in my voice. Is an email to all 10 people apologizing for technical difficulties overkill? Probably, so I'll just opt for making sure it NEVER happens again. Oops.

On another technology note, I have graciously offered to give up my 117 lb. printer to the needs of a more worthy team within our marketing group. The inky behemoth taking up residency in our house has worn out his welcome, and we are ready to trade him in for a slimmer, sleeker, more practical piece of machinery. We're keeping our fingers crossed that he finds a good home sooner rather than later!

And today I will leave you with an appropriate homage to Napolean Dynamite & one of the best songs ever written about technology:

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