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Monday, March 28, 2011

Too much fun?

Spring Break Hangover...this occurs when one or more members of your household has a significantly unusual amount of time off and you collaborate on how to capitalize on every spare 'non.werking' the point of utter exhaustion.

Welcome Monday morning, post-Jake's-Spring-Break! I find myself rolling out of bed a little later than usual, to the ground looking a little whiter than usual, and drinking way more coffee than usual.

Why is it that it can be so painful and exhausting to return to werk after a little break from the daily grind? Sometimes it feels like my body is physcially rejecting sitting in my desk chair for extended periods of time, and my mind would rather be engaged in meaningful personal conversations than developing strategies and plans in a surprise 9am conference call with 15 of my closest co.werkers. Ugh.

I have been a little slower in accomplishing the basics of teeth brushing, eating breakfast, and getting into my werk.out clothes today. Let's just say all of these things barely happened before noon, and partly because I was too busy sucking down coffee in between emails to think about much else. As my MN co.werkers would say, Uffda!

Perhaps I had too much fun packed into my free time: like shopping with girlfriends, a RO-TIC (romantic without the 'man') evening with some great women, a weekend celebrating in Canon City, a lazy Sunday of brunch/BS/Boulder...and breaking out the self-tanning lotion for the first time in 6 months! It seems as though the only thing I've missed along the way, according to 'the Situation's GTL routine from the Jersey Shore is...laundry.

These guys need to take my advice and start using Jergen's Sunless Tanning lotion, apparently.


  1. Jergen's self tanning lotion is a must! I started using it before FL and am continuing on until I can get in some long beach days this summer.

  2. So true! I use it almost all summer because it helps me hold my tan a lot longer. P.S., I would love to join your long days on the beach...!