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Thursday, March 17, 2011

So long, farewell!

Auf Wiedersehen, goodbye!

In the words of the Von Trapp family children, I finally said goodbye to my 117lb. office resident, the giant HP printer that was ordered for me by my work...and promptly returned 30 days later by the.homewerker. Note to the folks in the Land of Cubicles: when recommending printers for people who werk from their home, usually we are not looking for something that can support a team of 15 people printing, scanning, and faxing 50 hours a week. Nor are we looking for something that weighs as much we did in high school. Rather, I'm looking for something that can print, scan and fax wireslessly throughout my home, can fit comfortably on a desk top or cabinet, and weighs as much as a a small one year old child (they're what, like 20 lbs??)

Here's where the entertainment of the day started: how to move this beast out of our house and to the UPS store for shipping?! We have thrown away the massive box and styrofoam that came with it, and have scattered the instructions and cords in various hiding places around the house. Oops. Thankfully, we found all of the various parts and for loading it into Pedro the Laredo.

Tapping into my right brain and creative problem solving abilities, I suggested we use my Herman Miller wheely chair as a 'dolly' to get the printer from the office to our front door. At least that way Jake, myself, and our marriage could attempt to escape this task unscathed. It worked! (Aside from instilling even MORE fear of the Herman Miller chair into Lexi by wheeling it through the house with a large piece of machinery on top...sigh).

We made it to the UPS store where two really eager employees unloaded the printer, charged me an arm and a leg for packaging it up, and sent us on our way within 10 minutes. Phew! 

Up next:
-pick out a new, more appropriate printer (which will cost the same amount to purchase as it did to package my old one up...gross. At least we are purchasing it with company points, so it's actually 'free' for us!)
-Figure out what else gets to take residence in Jake's office now that his roommate is gone. Perhaps a nice leather recliner?

I'm off to physically inspect my options at Office Max before diving into my next 'printer dillema'...


  1. TOO FUNNY! Get a wireless printer! They're the best! :)

  2. For sure! I have a few options of of wireless ones and they seem so simple and easy to figure out. Fingers crossed!