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Friday, March 18, 2011

Werk Out

"I basically do what I want, when I want, all the time. I do my work, for the most part, when it is convenient for me. Since I always get my work done I can enjoy life to the fullest while working for a great company." (pg. 86)

"I'm never NOT accomplishing anything. I always do what is expected of me." (pg. 85)

These are just two semi-mind-blowing quotes from the book, "Why Work Sucks and How to Fix it". I referred to this book in an earlier post, after attending an all day conference of sorts with the authors and my peers. This book and the philosophies inside are what I've been asked to adopt and act upon as a regional employee (i.e. The home.werker!) for my company. My boss holds this book in high regard and even asked me to familiarize myself with it during the interview process for my current position.

Well, as I start this day with two things on the calendar and realize that none of them are werk meetings...I am conflicted! I have a short list of werk projects to start brainstorming, which quite frankly, will receive more focussed attention from me while I'm pounding out 4 miles at the gym this morning. Then I've got little things like giving the dog a bath, a quick run to the grocery store, and giving myself enough time to get ready before meeting up with some friends for HH tonight. And according to this book, as long as I am producing results related to my job and the task at hand, it doesn't matter if I do that during the traditional 8-5 werkday...or at 2am. As long as I'm producing outcomes and doing my job, I'm good.

This doesn't mean I can blow off my co.werkers who need to meet during the hours of 8-5, or skip out on phone calls and meetings. The only thing that matters is that I am doing werk that produces results, and a lot of those things do still tend to fall within the hours of 8-5 because I werk with people who are still operating within this framewerk.

I haven't completely figured out this philosophy, but let's call today a "ROWE" day (Results Oriented Werk Environment), and head to the gym for a brainstorming session...

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